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Limited Seats on Bargain Flights. Cheap Fares with SA Airways South African Airways (SAA) are knocking on death's door. The cash-strapped airline has cancelled these flights, and here's how travellers can get a refund As per SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS 24-hour Cancellation policy, passengers can cancel a flight booked on SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS within 24 hours of the purchase. SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS will provide a complete refund of your ticket cost in case the booking was made a week or more prior to the departure date of your SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS flight

The general consensus it seems is that customers who have booked through a travel agent, should contact their travel agent directly instead of the airlines. Alternatively, the re-booking of tickets.. Customers would be able to use the value of their original ticket purchase as a credit towards the purchase of a new ticket on South African Airways operated and marketing flights. Rebookings must be done and travel completed within 24 months of first affected flight on original ticket How to claim a refund from SAA for a cancelled flight Assistance will be provided to all ticketed customers holding a South African Airways ticket only through any SAA Contact Centre, City Ticket..

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  1. Tickets können kostenfrei innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach Ausstellung zurückerstattet werden. Im Falle eines Wochenendes oder eines gesetzlichen Feiertages muss das South African Airways Center für eine nachträgliche Aufhebung am ersten Arbeitstag nach dem Wochenende/Feiertag kontaktiert werden. Wenn via BSPLink ein Rückerstattungsantrag gesendet wird, wird eine Verwaltungsgebühr von EUR 60,- / CHF 65,- erhoben
  2. Tel : +27 11 978 1111 or 0861 606 606 (sharecall in SA only) Office Hours : Daily, 06h00 to 22h00 (GMT) Open weekends and South African Public Holidays. Customer Services. Email Address: SAAcustomerservice@flysaa.com. Twitter: @flysaa_care. Office Hours: Weekdays, 08h00 - 16h30 (GMT) Closed weekends and South African Public Holidays
  3. Bei einer Langstrecke ab 3.500 Kilometer gibt es eine Entschädigung von South African Airways von 600 Euro. Sollte sich Ihr Flug mehr als 5 Stunden verspäten, haben Sie das Recht, komplett vom Flug mit South African Airways zurückzutreten

SAA crisis: Need a refund? These are - The South African

We regret that we are unable to assist with any refunds at this time. We have extended the validity of your ticket for 24 months from date of first flight. Please retain your ticket as this would be used as a credit when we are back Iata Resolution 824r is clear that airlines need to expedite refunds on unused tickets not later than the following remittance schedule after the refund application is received. SAA cannot divert from this legislation or from the business rescue plan outline, and our industry urgently needs clarity from them about this point, said De Vries

Obwohl South African Airways keine europäische Fluggesellschaft ist, ist der Flug von einem EU-Flughafen abgeflogen, was bedeutet, dass der Fall der Fluggastrechteverordnung EC 261 unterliegt. Gemäß EC 261 können Sie Anspruch auf Entschädigung bis zu 600€ pro Person haben Your voucher can be used as payment for a future reservation on a South African Airways operated or codeshare marketing flight. If the FARE on your new purchase is higher than the voucher value, you would need to pay the difference but if the FARE is lower you would receive an additional voucher to be used towards another purchase on us. Should you wish to take up this offer note that the voucher is non-refundable and would be valid for 24 months from date of issue. The voucher would be. South African Airways will only refund applicable Government and/or Airport Taxes on non-refundable fares - excluding the Carrier Imposed Fee (YR / YQ tax). Please always check penalty note and fare rules. For most SAA non-refundable fares - YR / YQ tax will be non-refundable. Agency Debit Memo (ADM SAA also tell me that when I come back in January the refund depends on the exchange rate as to what refund I get back. Today they stated, that the initial 3 flights together were £255.00, but if I just re-book the 2 flights I want then it is £213.00. I get a refund of about £16.00 as they take off the £25 admin fee

South African Airways is quietly holding on to airport taxes that travel industry professionals say rightly should be refunded to customers holding unused or cancelled air tickets Airlink cannot refund tickets as the ticket sale revenue is in SAA's possession, reads the statement South Africa- Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd T/A TheSouthAfrican Number: 2005/028472/07. Address: Regus Business Centre 1st Floor, Block B, North Park, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street. Refunds (Name Changes) Due to the South African Government Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) service, the passengers name on their ticket must correspond to the name on their passport. The passengers' full first name and surname as issued on the travel document must be used when the booking is created. If the name is misspelled, a new ticket must be issued and the incorrect ticket should be. On expiry without redeeming the vouchers, the airline will give them an option of extending the vouchers for another year, or taking a cash refund. Customers also have the option of converting the..

SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS flight Cancellation policy, and (SA

  1. fee. The request must be backed up with the new E-Ticket number and a copy of the passport. Ticketing timelimits . Ticketing time limits (TTLs) vary, based on booking classes, fare type etc. The fare rules will specify the TTLs and once a booking is made the auto-robot system will update the TTL in.
  2. South African Airways cannot accept tickets issued with names incorrectly spelt under any circumstances (even if by one letter only or if a shortened version of a name is used e.g Tim instead of Timothy) and passengers will be denied boarding. Service Fees. The service fees applicable in the UK are: GBP25.00 to process a refund; GBP25.00 to reissue a ticket; The service fees applicable in.
  3. At Qatar Airways, we immediately acted upon the issue and worked on flexible travel options and bookings but most importantly, we do understand that some of our passengers would like to have all their travel plans on hold which is why our team has worked hard to process the refunds since March, paying out over 200 million rand to our South African market alone
  4. ticket has been closed off in the system (eg if the passenger checks in but does not travel or coupon status is 'F' but was not utilised) there are technical problems with the GDS which prevent ticket refunds, including where British Airways has re-issued or exchanged travel documents and therefore owns them. You should mention 'BA reissue.
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