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  3. Wii Fit U (Nintendo) Wii Party U (Nintendo) Wii Sports Club (Nintendo) The Wonderful 101 (Nintendo) Xenoblade Chronicles X (Nintendo) [Import] Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version (Level-5
  4. g this year, Super Mario 3D World was one of Nintendo's... 2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Yet another obvious inclusion, Nintendo's most infamous transformation.
  5. For the original story or even just the stupidity in the comedy is why this game holds a special place as one of my best Wii U exclusives, plus the added bonus is that Lego City Undercover is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone
  6. Exclusive. Art Academy Wii U. Headstrong Games. Yes. Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition. Rocksteady Studios. Features. Bayonetta. Platinum Games

Nintendos Wii U mag zwar bei Drittherstellerspielen schwächeln, doch wenn es um First-Party-Titel geht, kann ihr niemand das Wasser reichen. Hier sind die 15 besten Exklusivspiele für die Wii U Top 10 Wii U eShop Exclusives (First Three Years) Sportsball. What happens when you combine the 1982 arcade hit Joust with Soccer? You get Sportsball! Grab a few pals and... Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. Although it isn't the best game in the series, Tipping Stars' satisfying puzzles... NES. I am about to get a Wii U to finish off my collection of Nintendo Consoles. I am having trouble finding a comprehensive list of the best wii u exclusives. I know TLOZWWHD and TLOZTPHD as well as Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3D world. What are the best games that are exclusive to the Wii U or are HD remakes where the Wii U is the newest system (PS3-Xbox360-Wii era or older) that it's available on

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  1. I did however buy WiiU exclusive eshop games like Swords and Soldiers 2, Affordable Space Adventure and Fast Racing Neo dayone. They were well worth their price They were well worth their pric
  2. New Super Mario Bros. U is considered one of the best Wii U games in 2020. Mario and Luigi get back together for this amazing installment in the series that utilizes the power of the Wii U. This game has the perfect co-op mode and you can play together with another person
  3. Rayman Legends may not finally be an exclusive Wii U title, but that does not mean that the Nintendo console is one of the most enjoyed sites. And it is that Rayman has managed to become one of the best sagas of current platforms Watch with Mario eye, they take away the crown! Buy from Amazon. 5. DONKEY KONG COUNTRY: TROPICAL FREEZ
  4. The best Wii U games are a fantastic celebration of everything Nintendo's previous console had to offer. The perpetually beleaguered Nintendo console launched in 2012 following the success of the.

The Wonderful 101 is one of the main reasons to buy a Wii U, as the Platinum-developed title was released exclusively for the platform. Instead of controlling a single character, you take charge of.. Ranking the top Exclusive Wii U console video games ever released based on the playscore, a standard rating that combines critic & gamer reviews. News Feed Best Games New Games Upcoming Games Free Games Discover Games PC Playstation 5 Xbox Series X Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One Android iOS Blockchain Stadia Legacy Platforms Gaming News & Blog Videos Login Signup. Best Wii U Exclusive. The Wii U has been out for quite a while and with it comes a slew of exclusives. Here are the top 10 best ones you won't want to miss Top 5 Wii U Exclusive Video Games of 2015 Nintendo is in a really weird spot right now. Their next console codenamed NX is on the horizon and it's clear that their focus on Wii U is diminishing Top 10 Best Games for Wii U is a list made by WatchMojo.com. He explains what are the best games on the Wii U console The best upcoming PS4 exclusive games. By Abhaya Hess / Dec. 6, 2017 4:29 pm EDT.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Keyblade_TKG List #25 3Souls #24 Pushmo World #23 Mario Party 10 #22 Dr. Luigi #21 Pokémon Rumble U #20 Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.. Go to https://buyraycon.com/rabbid for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. I briefly thought about including the Zelda remakes and while they're de.. The Nintendo Wii U has some of the best console exclusive games so we're counting down the best Nintendo Wii U exclusive games in our Top 10 series. Which Ni... Which Ni..

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Beyond the blasting, XType brings fresh content in a supercharged Plus mode, exclusive to Wii U, pitting you against the clock, your lives exchanged for a countdown. Add in EMP bombs (electromagnetic pulse) and a larger enemy arsenal, and youve got tension on a plate. Conquer that all-important high score for a badge of honour, then showboat with the best of them via the leaderboard system. Better yet, every high score you upload is accompanied by a video of your game, and other players will. Wii Virtual Console continues to offer a lot of great games you can't easily or cheaply play any other way. You can move Wii VC software over to Wii U to play if you want to use these games with native HD output. Even better, if you still keep an analog TV set on hand or use an upscaler such as an XRGB Framemeister, the original Wii outputs most of its games in native 240p resolution. They look and sound pretty great, and for expensive obscurities like Rondo of Blood and Ufouria, there's. So, with that in mind, here's our pick of the top 10 Wii U exclusives. 10. Captain Toad Treasure Tracke 10 Wii U Exclusives We Still Want Ported To Switch. By Peter Brown on March 8, 2018 at 4:38PM PST. Come To Switch! Nearly a year after the Switch's release, we've received a handful of ports for.

TWITTER - http://www.twitter.com/BalrogGameRoom/TWITCH - http://twitch.tv/BalrogGameRoomSTREAM ARCHIVE - http://youtube.com/BalrogsGameplayRoomChannel design.. The great EAD Tokyo studio makes their Wii U debut with Super Mario 3D World, a game as attractive and fun as those others.It's a hell of a time, an enjoyable hybrid of the more linear, classic. Wii exclusives are especially notable because, without having to worry about making a game that works on multiple platforms, The Top 10 Wii Platformers. What Accessories Are Needed to Play Wii Games? The Best Games on the Epic Games Store. The 9 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of 2021 . 5 Reasons to Buy a Wii Instead of an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. 10 of the Coolest Looking Wii Games. Xbox 360. There have been lightgun-style games for almost as long as there have been home game consoles, but The House of the Dead: Overkill is easily one of the best in class, let alone on the Wii. Good. The Wii U by all accounts is one of Nintendo's biggest failures, but it was also home to some of the best games the company has ever produced. Many high-quality Wii U titles like Bayonetta 2 and New Super Mario Bros. U have found new success through Nintendo Switch ports, while Mario Kart 8 is still the best selling game on both consoles. . With the recent announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

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  1. The Wii U has had its dry spells since its debut back in 2012, but 2014 was a great year for Nintendo's little console that could. This list consists of ten of the best Wii U console-exclusives that every Wii U owner would be proud to have in their collection. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clone
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