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How to Perform Time Machine Backups Over the Network

  1. Apple's Time Machine typically backs up to an external drive or wirelessly to a Time Capsule. But, if you have a spare Mac, you can turn it into a Time Machine server. All your other Macs can back up to it over the network, just as if it were a Time Capsule. This requires Apple's OS X Server software
  2. Back up to a shared folder with Time Machine on Mac On the Mac you want to use as a Time Machine backup destination, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click... Select the File Sharing checkbox. Click Options, make sure Share files and folders using SMB is selected, then click Done..
  3. In order to create a Time Machine backup on a network folder you need to follow these three steps: Create a HFS+ disk image, preferably sparse disk image, and place the disk image file into its destination folder/server where it will live
  4. ation of the AirPort/Time Capsule series, however, puts some users in a lurch over how they will be continuing to back up their Macs using Time Machine. Luckily there are Apple approved Time Machine backup options sans Time Capsule
  5. Just open Time Machine, add new backup disk on network share, do not replace existing backup disk, initiate backup manually and don't forget to disable automatic backups. You can even choose option to encrypt backups. Cancel the backup once Time Machine will start to show file copying progress. After that step is completed you should have sparse bundle {ComputerName}.sparsebundle on your.

Back up to a shared folder with Time Machine on Mac

  1. By default, Time Machine won't write backups to just any network volume. (It prefers you buy a Time Capsule from Apple, I suppose.) Luckily this is easy to get around. You can either fire up..
  2. Copy the sparsebundle to your network drive, then mount it. Tell Time Machine to use the mounted sparsebundle for backups. Tell your Mac to mount the virtual drive at boot. Do these four things and your Mac will be backing up to your NAS or Windows share in no time, all the time
  3. To use another Mac on your network as a Time Machine backup destination, complete these steps on the other Mac: Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Sharing. From the list of services on the left, select File Sharing. From the Shared Folders list on the right, click the add button.
  4. To configure the Mac to use the Time Machine backup, go to System Preferences, then Time Machine. Click Select Disk, and choose the name of the Linux machine. Bonus: altering the Time Machine schedule By default, Time Machine backs up hourly
  5. Time Machine will save all backups and every piece of meta information into a disk image in a *.sparsebundle file on your network storage device. So this is the file we need to fix. In order to access it, you need to connect to your networks device share containing the backup with Finder

Turn off Time Machine using system preferences, Time Machine, unclick Back Up Automatically Disconnect from the SMB-attached network drive. Clean out the keychain of all Time Machine references using Keychain Access. Make sure you look in Category All Items and delete from Keychains under , System and Local Items all keychain entries related to I would recommend to not install 14.3 RU1 if you're using Time Machine to network shares, until Broadcom has fixed the software! Perhaps this will also affect Time Machine backups to directly connected drives. I hope we'll get a fix for this as soon as possible. This problem will prevent me from upgrading to Big Sur and I am now stuck with the current Catalina, unless I look for some other brand of security. I would really not want to run the machine without security software

How to Create a Time Machine Backup to a Network Drive in

Windows will now create a schedule to automatically backup Windows 10 to a network location. You can see the schedule at the bottom of the screen. To save changes and start the backup, click on the Save settings and run backup button. 11 Enter the username and password for your server Mac, the open System Preferences and head to the Time Machine panel and click Select disk. You'll see your network share as an option. You can now back up your Mac to this network share Terminal command: sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/IMAGE_NAME_HERESkip first step: 2:01This short guide explains how to setup even an unsupported NAS to back.. If the disk is shared with other applications the way to limit the Time Machine from expanding is to create a fixed partition on the disk and use the partition as a backup disk. Now, when we know all the theory behind TM backup let's see it in action. How to back up with the Time Machine on Mac. Plug in an external hard drive ; Start the Time Machine from System Preferences; Click on Select. When now triggering a time machine backup it takes more than an hour before the actual backup starts (sizing etc.), and when in progress it is painfully slow. It looks like what really steals the time are all the small files, stuff under /usr/local (brew) and preferences under ~/Library. When tracing the time machine logs I can see that it does around ~- MB/s, 1.49 items/s. As a consequence, the backup never catches up with the changes I produce when using my machine during the day (like.

Apple's Time Machine is the go-to backup method for many Mac users. Apple's termination of the AirPort series puts some users in a lurch over how they will be continuing to back up their Macs using Time Machine when Time Capsule is no more. Luckily there a few Apple approved Time Machine backup options sans Time Capsule I've been told later version of time machine can use SMB shares (i did this 3 years ago) but haven't tested it myself. Reliability is the key. I've had marginal successes with SMB 3.0, but lots of failures where the entire backup needed to be redone. every month. which defeats the purpose of time machine, which is to allow time travel

How to use Time Machine to back up your Mac to a Windows

Also, the PC is always on serving Plex so it would be an ideal location for a network share for backups. Time Machine performs incremental backups hourly so it does not really make sense to me that an external drive is the best place for these regular backups. An external drive would be better as the 3rd location A second solution is to share your backup drive using Personal File Sharing on macOS. In doing so, computers connected to the same network can use the same drive with Time Machine. Open System Preferences on the computer that's physically connected to the hard drive In the pop-up window, click Add Network Location. Type in the address of the shared folder and fill other boxes. 5. After specifying the backup target location, click Schedule to choose a specific time to perform the backup You will need to enable Window/SMB sharing on the networked Time Machine server. Unmount all afp connections to the server, and then mount via smb://x.x.x.x -- once connected, add that disk in Time Machine, and enter your credentials. Follow the rest of the steps in the article, and backups should work

In the Shared Folders window, Right Click the drive you are trying to mount and share to; Select Advanced Options in the dropdown menu; Ensure Share as a Time Machine backup destination box is CHECKED. Hit O VEB can back up to network shares as long as the account doing the backup has permissions to do so. From the manual: Backups can be stored on an external hard drive, in a network shared folder or on a Veeam backup repository. Try adding your credentials to the VEB backup job to allow it to run as you instead of a local machine servic Note that for network backups, you will need to first access and mount the sparsebundle disk image that Time Machine creates on the drive. If the drive has not been used before, then you can do..

Create full and partial backups Head into Control Panel > System and Security > Backup and Restore to access the feature. You can then click on the Back up now button to create a backup. This is pretty close to Apple Time Machine for Windows 10 if you want to backup a SQL Server database to a mapped drive using a local drive letter you have the following options: 1. Run the following command from a query window EXEC xp_cmdshell 'net use <drivename> <share name>' — where <drive name>: Letter used to map the drive <share name>: UNC path to the share. 2. After that you should be able to backup using the mapped drive lette Use Time Machine on your server Open System Preferences. Click the Time Machine preference Click Select Backup Disk. Choose the backup disk hosted on your server and select the Encrypt backups if you want to encrypt your network backup. Authenticate as a user set up on your server. Note: You can. Click the check box for Time Machine to backup automatically. This way whenever you plug in your WD Elements drive, your Mac will start a Time Machine backup. And also check the box to show Time Machine in the menu bar at the top of your Mac's Desktop screen The advantage of using Time Machine is that it can automatically back up your Mac every hour, but if the backup target is not available, your Mac stores snapshots of all your files each hour (if you have enough free space on your computer). When you then have network access, Time Machine backs up all those versions to its target

Select Time Machine from the Finder Window and double-click on the folder named Backups. If the disk does not mount, click on Connect As from the dialogue box that appears. If prompted, provide your credentials. Double-click on the disk image that is experiencing Time Machine errors and waits as the disk mounts I have the following in smb.conf under share definitions. My share is ext 4 and this works for me [Tmachine] comment = time machine share path = /mnt/share/backups/TimeMachine valid users = glen read only = no vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr fruit:time machine = ye This can be your NAS account or the dedicated Time Machine user account. Select the NAS shared backup folder. Open Time Machine. Click Select Disk. Select the NAS shared backup folder. Click Use Disk. Enter the username and password of the backup user account. Tip: This can be your NAS account or a dedicated Time Machine user account. Click Connect. You can now use Time Machine to back up this Mac to your NAS

I started new network Time Machine backups to a synology from my 2019 15″ MBP when I upgraded to Big Sur. I am, unfortunately, still seeing the same old behaviour of very slow wifi backups, seemingly linked to very small files. I think that is causing a number of other problems, as the system has to catch up to changes made in the process of a backup which takes hours or days even for. Create a Time Machine Backup on your Unraid Server To create backups with Time Machine and store them on your Unraid server, all you'll need to do is connect it to your Unraid server and then Time Machine will automatically make: Hourly backups for the past 24 hours Daily backups for the past mont

macOS's amazing Time Machine feature can make backups either to a local drive (whether connected externally or internally), or to a network share. Unfortunately, the way Apple has implemented it, not just any network share can be used — the server has to mark it as a Time Machine-capable share. The Samba project recently merged the support necessary for macOS to see an SMB shared. Choose the destination folder in your Windows device and HFS Explorer will export and copy Time Machine backup to Windows automatically. If you want to export only a few folders or files from Time Machine backup, navigate to the required folder and choose the file (s) and hit the Export button Samba is an open source implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol which is officially supported by Time Machine for backing up over a network. This is all we really need to back up to storage attached to our Raspberry Pi but we can make it slightly easier to set up on the macOS end by also using Avahi's implementation of the mDNS/DNS-SD protocol (sometimes called Bonjour) to make. Using Time Capsule for Windows Backups: There is no Apple Time Machine Windows backup software, Go to network and file sharing . 2: Choose your Ethernet card . 3: Click Proprieties. 4:Double click on TCP /IPV4. 5:Use the following IP 6: [IP ADDRESS] 7: [Subnet Mask] 255.255.255. 8:[Default Gateway] Leave blank 9: Dns you can leave empty if not you can use google DNS. Name your drive (e.g. Time Machine Backup), select the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format, and click Erase. RETURN TO TOP ↑ 2. Create Time Machine backup . After connecting a new or reformatted external hard drive, macOS will prompt for whether or not to use the drive for Time Machine backups. Selecting Use as Backup Disk in the pop-up will open the Time Machine window and start the initial.

But that's ok, since Time Machine backups are relatively low bandwidth once the initial backup is done. If you're looking for an enterprise-grade solution for handling an office full of Macs running Time Machine backups, you'd be better off using a full blown (non-virtualized) Linux server or talk to GroupLogic (and get your checkbook ready). So with the introduction out of the way, let's. Besides, AOMEI Backupper allows you to perform windows 10 backup to network shared folder on NAS by enter the Share or NAS path. To backup to NAS, you may also need to enter username and password. If you want to do it the other way around - backup network drive to Windows 10, just select the source and target directory accordingly. Conclusion. Now you know how to let Windows 10 backup to.


Although Apple started using the new APFS file system by default a couple of years ago in Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, the Time Machine backup system has continued to use the old HFS+ file system Run Time Machine (again, you can use Spotlight to call it up) and use the newly created partition as the backup destination. And that's it! You can now use the other partition for file storage; Time Machine will never touch it. By the way, if you use a Time Machine-supported router, such as the Asus RT-AC86U, this method works, too The end the AirPort product line could cause some issues in the future, when users want to back up their Mac's data using Time Machine but find their Apple network appliance has died completely.

Go to Advanced - USB Settings - Time Machine and then enable the function. Step 2. Select a backup disk and set up the size limit for backup and then save it. Step 3. Go to Advanced - USB Settings - Sharing Access, set up your Sharing Account and then save it. Settings on MacBook. Step 4. Make sure your MacBook is connected to the router If everything worked correctly click on the time machine button at the top (the round clock icon on the menu bar) and do backup now. It should run and will take at long time the first time you do this. Happy travels through time drobo.com | Configuring Apple Time Machine Backups with the Drobo 5N 3 STEP 3 Click Add in the Select a Share box. In the Add Share dialog box, enter a name for the share that will be used for Time Machine backups. Click Enable Time Machine support on this share checkbox to designate the share as a Time Machine repository. Enter a storage limit i A Time Machine backup drive must be directly connected to your new Mac or over the network if an Apple AirPort Time Capsule device is used for the backup Why Need Time Machine Alternative for Windows. As you know, as a backup and disaster recovery tool, Apple Time Machine does a great job and it is built in Mac OS. And it can keep local snapshots as space permits, hourly backups for the past hours, daily backups for the past month and weekly backups for all previous months to an external hard drive or NAS

- created a new network share - created a (new) user that has full read/write permissions for the above network share - enabled the afp service. Step 1 - Login to the NAS, click Applications in the top menu bar, and then Local Backups Step 2 - From the left hand menu, click Time Machine, and then click to Enable Time Machine Step 3 - Click New, to select the. Using a Linux Server for Time Machine Backups Posted on 12 Sep 2015. linux server. Since Mac OS is one of my daily operating systems, I use the in-built Time Machine software for backups, and since I have a server running Linux it seemed apt to make it Time Machine compatible. To make a Linux server or old laptop or something a Time Machine, you can install Netatalk (plus some other stuff) on. From any Windows machine on the network you can immediately access the share and copy any files into it. Backup to NAS Now that your FreeNAS device is configured and the shared folder accessible by the specific user and password you created (this is very important to avoid data loss due to ransomware viruses), you can use it as a network destination for Windows backup In order to make a network share visible to SQL Server, it should be mapped as a network drive. First of all, you need to use Map Network Drive from the Windows OS as follows to map the network share: Then to identify that network drive in SQL Server, you will use the xp_cmdshell command. Before that, you need to make sure that the xp_cmdshell command is enabled in your SQL instance, as. At the same time, Hyper-V Export cannot be considered a full VM backup. It doesn't apply compression, deduplication, and encryption techniques, which are widely used by data-protection solutions and allow you to reduce storage space needs and use available disk space more effectively

When your first Time Machine backup is done you can remove all Volumes and the next time Time Machine starts it will automagically mount the disk image from your TimeMachine volume on your Ubuntu box without mounting the whole TimeMachine volume: Finder sidebar # 7. Conclusion, Problems and more informations. You see that Linux and Ubuntu can be configured to behave like Macs in your network. Quick Tip: Make Time Machine backups over a network in High Sierra As Jason mentioned in his AirPort alternatives piece, one of the features you might need to replace when your AirPort goes kaput is the ability to make Time Machine backups over the network.. Before you run out and buy an NAS, though, you might also consider backing up to a drive connected to your Mac This guide will provide you with every possible option to bypass the searching for time machine backups process and help you successfully restore from a Time Machine backup. Before, let's see what's happening when the Mac is searching for Time Machine backups and how long it usually takes to search for the backups Apple's included Time Machine backup technology in OS X is a convenient and rather thorough way to make full-system backups of your Mac. It works by using multi-linked files on the backup drive to mirror unchanged data from a prior backup instance to a new one so both instances share the same data on disk. It then only copies changed data since the last backup, to the new backup instance.

Time Machine is the backup mechanism of macOS, the desktop operating system developed by Apple.The software is designed to work with both local storage devices and network-attached disks, and is most commonly used with external disk drives connected using either USB or Thunderbolt.It was first introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and incrementally refined in subsequent releases of macOS The LinkStation does work with Time Machine so that you can back up your Macs over the network, but setting up Time Machine and a 'shared folder' for your backups proved rather complicated

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This page describes how to back up to and restore from a network share using SQL Backup Pro. You may want to to store backups on a network share, for example, because you do not have enough disk space to store the backups on a local server. You may want to restore a database from a backup stored on another server, for example, in order to verify the backup on a non-production server Das ShareCenter™ Cloud-Netzwerkspeichergehäuse mit 2 Schächten (DNS-320L) ist eine benutzerfreundliche Lösung für den Zugriff auf, die gemeinsame Nutzung von und die Sicherung Ihrer wichtigsten Daten mithilfe einer persönlichen Cloud. Mit dieser eleganten, preisgekrönten NAS-Lösung speichern Sie Ihre Daten sicher und geschützt zu Hause und haben sie dennoch immer zur Hand Install Seagate Dashboard on your computer, and create a backup plan. Mac: Set up a Time Machine plan. Open Time Machine preferences. Click Select Disk. Find your Private folder name. Select the folder and click Use Disk. Enter your Personal Cloud username and password. Click Connect. Wait for a minute or two to connect. Your backup will start.

As noted, it is not uncommon for Time Machine backups to stall occasionally - or permanently. This problem gets exacerbated when backing up to network drives, particularly shared backup drives. However, Time Machine continues to write backups until the storage capacity is full at which time it starts deleting the oldest backups. The reason I want to partition the drive is to limit the size of the backup space. So, if I have a 512GB hard drive and a 550GB partition, for example, I'll have room for a full back up from Time Machine and a couple of the additional daily backups. However.

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How to Set Up Time Machine to Back Up to a Networked

I figured the fix for issues with Time Machine with previous OSX versions would do the trick (delete the TimeMachine.plist file) so i went ahead and tried this but my Time Machine will simply not connect to the AFP object, even if it is listed as available in Time Machine. Time Machine returns the following error: Time Machine can't connect to the backup disk. The operation couldn't be. For general info with anyone attempting to Time Machine backup to a NAS share. I enabled Time Machine in Front View on my ReadyNAS and event though I went to Time Machine in OSX [10.14.6] and could see the NAS share it kept erroring out when giving it the correct credentials. This video explained how creating a sparse bundle image first, moving it to the NAS volume, telling Time Machine in terminal where it was located ACTUALLY worked for me In the office environment however, users tend to backup to server shares and not local external drives. So, let's take a look at how to use Time Machine over a network. Setting it Up. It's easy to do this in Leopard Xserve by sharing a backup folder. Under Server Admin, you can check the box Enable as Time Machine backup destination

Turn Your NAS Or Windows Share Into A Time Machine Backup

And here's the magic setting: Turn on Share as a Time Machine backup destination. You could also turn on that Limit backups to checkbox to only allow a designated amount of storage. When the Time Machine backup is on an AirPort Time Capsule, select the network from the AirPort menu on the right side of the menu bar, select the Time Capsule, then click Connect to Remote Disk. Finally, if the Time Machine backup is stored on a network backup disk (for example, an external drive connected to a Wi-Fi router or an OS X server), select it, and then click Connect to Remote Dis Time Machine saves all of the backups for your Mac in a deceptively innocuous folder on your backup drive named backups.backupdb. That folder contains a folder for each Mac that's using the drive as a backup drive, so if you're sharing the drive by connecting it to an Apple AirPort Wi-Fi router, you'll find multiple folders inside it. For those situations where there's just one backup drive connected to one Mac, there will be one folder inside backups.backupdb with the name of your.

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If you get troubles in Console saying that this is not the correct time machine backup disk, try removing the file named .xxxxxxxxxxxx in the root of your share, and test again. Concerned about security ? You can even crypt your DMG !!! Yes, create your sparsebundle with 128bit AES encryption, it works perfectly. The trick is to save key in your keychain, when mounting the DMG manually, then go to Keychain, and copy/paste the entry from your user keychain to the system keychain This can also be used as a local cloud network at your home. You can use this Cloud Based drive to backup data from both Mac and Windows. This drive is ideal for Mac Time Machine backup and no need to connect directly to Mac. Once you connect this HD to Home Router Network, you can access this Hard Disk from the same WiFi Network. When you travel outside, you can access data from this drive with an internet connection Should I move time machine backup to my NAS? My NAS and router are downstairs so I can't run a cable from my computer. Consider upgrading your networking to be able to utilize all the link speed. It can be an access point on your floor. Then reconfigure the Time Machine backup job to NAS. Once done, set up offsite storage backup, e.g.


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Pull down the Time Machine menu bar item and choose Cancel Backup. Wait a few minutes, then go back to the Time Machine menu item and choose Start Backup. If you check on the elapsed data transfer and time remaining to completion, and things look like they're cruising along as usual, then you're good to go Open the Time Machine settings and you should see your new network time machine server. References: this is an updated version of a How to Geek article with some tweaks for flaky USB hard drives and updates for the latest packages. Troubleshooting Read only drive. If your drive becomes read only you can try either changing the permissions of the directory . sudo chown pi:pi /media/tm. or. Has anyone here ever done setup of Time Machine backup with WRT1900ACS using its USB ports? It doesn't look straightforward to me. Firmware: . Regards, Thands. 2 people had this problem. Me too. 0 Kudos Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 12 (6,818 Views) Everyone's Tags: Time Machine. WRT1900ACS. View All (2) Reply. Chiqui_T. Expert. Posts: 460. Registered: ‎06-15-2015. Time Machine: checkbox: Enables Apple Time Machine backups on this share. Enable Shadow Copies: checkbox: Export ZFS snapshots as Shadow Copies for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) clients. Export Recycle Bin: checkbox: Files that are deleted from the same dataset are moved to the Recycle Bin and do not take any additional space

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Time Machine provides a straightforward means of setting up backup plans with its straightforward wizard. Just start the application and it'll walk you through everything. Just start the. Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with the new vfs_fruit extension in samba 4.8. I've got three macbooks at home and want them to have time machine backups. The current way to go is a netatalk implementation, but it is horrible slow and buggy. But with the new vfs_fruit extension in samba 4.8 it works awesomely fine We're in the middle of P2V'ing most of the network, so the current backup method is likely the worst - the backup agent is still installed on the guest OSs, and the backup device is dutifully pulling them onto tape, one file at a time. I suspect there's a clever way to script (PowerShell?) a suspend on the VMs, then backup of the .vhd files, and unsuspend the VMs. This seems like it would.

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Here you can setup not just AppleTalk zones but also Time Machine backup targets and Bonjour printing services. Macs are becoming more popular. With BYOD (bring your own device) rising in popularity, supporting multiple environments is a practical reality. Synology at least makes their units easy to integrate. For those wondering, you can have both Windows and Apple environmental settings. You can also back up files to a network location, such as network drive. which is similar to Time Machine in OS X's. Best Alternative to Time Machine for Windows 10/8/7 to Keep PC Safe . Want an alternative to Time Machine for Windows 10/8/7 to back up your PC? MiniTool ShadowMaker is the best alternative to keep your PC safe. Read More. How to auto backup folders with File History? Here. Time Capsule using Ethernet can also access the network to share files and connect to the Internet. With Mac OS X Leopard v10.5.2 or later you can set up Time Machine to back up all the computers on the network to your Time Capsule. See Using Time Machine with Your Time Capsule on page 27 for more information. When you connect a compatible USB printer to your Time Capsule, supported. Windows Backup is now capable of backing up a system with the same ease of use that Apple brought to automated backups with Time Machine and Time Machine Server. In fact, providing access to only a few more options Microsoft's tools provide access to some pretty nice options, easily configured. To get started, you'll first need to install the Windows Backup Role. To do so, use the Add. Time Machine Backups zusammenfügen! Ersteller Naron; Erstellt am 05.01.2010; Naron Aktives Mitglied. Thread Starter Mitglied seit 29.01.2005 Beiträge 2.649. 05.01.2010 #1 ist es möglich 2 Backups vom selben Rechner aber auf zwei verschiedenen HDs zusammenfügen? Hatte wegen festplattendefekt eine andere benutz und fange jetzt mit einer größeren HD wieder an zu backupen, kann ich die von.

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Plug in your external hard drive to your Mac. When you see the Time Machine prompt, click Use as Backup Disk. Your backup will begin automatically. Alternately, you can click the Time Machine icon. Time Machine is described as 'is the breakthrough automatic backup that's built right into Mac OS X' and is a well-known app in the Backup & Sync category. There are more than 50 alternatives to Time Machine for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. The best alternative is Rollback Rx, which is free

It is a backup software distributed with the Apple's Mac OS X to backup your data to an external drive, so that you can restore them later from the backup. If you are ever looking for an alternative to Time Machine for Linux, you need to check out Cronopete. It is the clone of Time Machine for Linux operating systems. Using Cronopete, we can easily create periodic backups of a Linux system. It supports popular Linux distributions, including Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. In this. This is separate from the regular backup of the rest of my system which is done with backup software. For the contents of this disk, I don't want them compressed into a backup container file. I want them to be exact duplicates of the original files, kept up to date in that shared network location ( required). Also, it doesn't matter if they update in real time. Once a day is fine, for. On your Mac, open System Preferences from the Dock, and click Time Machine. Check the Back Up Automatically box, and click Select Disk. Choose the shared folder you created, which is Time Machine Folder in this case, and then click Use Disk. The system will prompt you to provide your account credentials A Network Attached Storage device can provide shared storage, a Time Machine backup target, and additional useful features for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users on a local area network — and beyond. Wenn Time-machine keinen Platz mehr für ein neues hat, löscht es das jeweils älteste Backup. Planst du also eher, ein kleines System zu verwalten, auf dem ein Paar Fotos und Apps und ein paar Mails liegen und das in erster Linie für Internet/Youtube/Mail etc. verwendet wird und auf dem auch nicht ständig neue Apps heruntergeladen und ausprobiert werden, reichen 500GB vorerst völlig. Create a shared drive on machine that has the backups, say server1 has the backups in folder Backups. Grant full control to the account running the SQL Server. On the Server that you want to restore to launch SSMS go restore database and select From Device. In the Locate Backup file-Server dialog box and remove anything in the Selected Path field and in the File Name field supply full path so \server\backups\db.bak. At least it worked for me when migrating from 05 to 08. Not.

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